Whiteboard.com Launches as Specialty E-Commerce Retailer For Visual Communication Products in North America

May 25, 2022 Press Release

TORONTO, ON – Massey Capital announces today the official launch of its specialty e-commerce retail website, Whiteboard.com, selling a broad range of visual communication products across the United States and Canada.

Whiteboard.com was created to provide people with the tools they need to help organize their thoughts, communicate a message, share ideas and innovate around the things that move the world forward.

Whiteboard.com has partnered with market leading brands and suppliers from across the globe to offer the largest online assortment of whiteboards, glass boards, mobiles, retail signage, point-of-sale displays and other visual communication products.  Each category offers a “good-better-best” range of products that give customers plenty of choice when evaluating price, quality, function, and design.

The website will serve both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) customers across all industries with a focus on education, office, healthcare, retail and at-home work environments.

Whiteboard.com formed a strategic partnership with UK based company Boards Direct, to develop a full-scale e-commerce retailer by leveraging their knowledge and expertise in the e-commerce and visual communication product space. Started in 2009, Boards Direct has become the UK’s leading specialty retailer in visual communication products.

“With the growing trend for online shopping, consumers are moving away from generic retail marketplace websites that sell just about anything, to specialty retail websites that are rich in product content and have knowledgeable experts available by phone, email or chat to educate and guide them through their purchasing decision.  Whiteboard.com is that go-to destination for all products related to visual communication and displays.”, says Adam Bortolussi, President of Whiteboard.com.

Connor Santoni, Sales & Operations Manager of Whiteboard.com said, “We specifically designed our website and organized our team to create a customer experience to remember.  The website is rich with features including easy search capability, product comparisons, in-stock availability, flexible shipping, payment options, and hassle-free returns.  But most importantly, customers can call, email or chat with a live-person to help with their purchasing decision. We offer expert advice and customized solutions, which we feel is a gap in the e-commerce visual communication products market today.”

About Whiteboard.com

Whiteboard.com is a specialty e-commerce retailer with the largest online collection of visual communication products in North America including market leading brands from around the globe.  Whiteboard.com prides itself on being more than just an online retail store by providing customers with personalized service and expert product advice to aid them in their purchasing decision.  Target industry sectors include education, office, retail and at-home consumers.

Visit our website at www.whiteboard.com.