Standard Metal Hardware, a portfolio company of Massey Capital, offers special Antimicrobial Coated Door Hardware

May 6, 2020 News

For over three decades Standard Metal Hardware has been a leading source for commercial and designer door pulls. Now responding to customer needs the company is providing Antimicrobial Coated Door Hardware which provides protection without altering the appearance.

With the coronavirus crisis touching nearly every country in the world, and lockdowns and social distancing the norm, the demand from commercial properties to take extra measures to ensure a more sanitary work environment for customers and employees has become a high priority. Toronto’s Standard Metal Hardware, a leading manufacturer of commercial and architectural door hardware products, is answering the call. In exciting news for their many customers and new customers to come, Standard Metal Hardware is now offering Antimicrobial Coated Door Hardware to better meet demand. The new coated hardware is designed to protect clients and staff from exposure to harmful microorganisms, bacteria and mold. The coating is completely clear and doesn’t alter the aesthetics of the door hardware.

“Research has shown that microorganisms, bacteria, and mold can live on surfaces, such as door handles, for up to 72 hours,” commented Adam Bortolussi, President of Standard Metal Hardware. “While constant sanitation of these surfaces is unrealistic, our team has worked with our suppliers to proudly offer a clear and durable antimicrobial coating that will not alter the quality or architectural appearance of our products. This coating acts as an additional layer of defense to protect against the spread of infectious diseases.”

Some highlights of the antimicrobial coating’s benefits include: acting to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, bacteria and mold; the coating helps to protect against the spread of infectious diseases; the coating is long-lasting, retaining its antimicrobial properties under normal use conditions; and in environmentally friendly.

Standard Metal Hardware’s Antimicrobial Coated Door hardware is suitable for healthcare, education, food service, restrooms, retail stores, and offices. The company supplies a network of over 300+ distributors in North America.

About Standard Metal

Standard Metal was founded in 1989 and during its 30-year operating history, Standard Metal has worked closely with architects and designers to produce some of the most intricate and visually appealing architectural door hardware available in the Canadian market. Standard Metal is a manufacturer of custom and general door solutions that combine modern designs with quality materials. Standard Metal offers a vast product line including commercial & designer door pulls, flush bolts, roller latches, grab bars, kick plates, corner guards, hooks, and door stops.


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