Scott Newhouse leads Egan Visual to new heights in 2021

January 8, 2021 News

For the past two years, Egan has been under new leadership. The Egan team is led by Scott Newhouse. Scott is known for his “out of the box” leadership style and has core strengths in organizational efficiency, growth strategy implementation and dynamic culture creation.

Scott previously founded, built and sold a number of firms, including CTL Corp (now iA Auto Finance), Harmony Management (now operating under Associa), S&S Properties Group, and Versara. Prior to this he was Vice President of FirstService Residential, Ontario where he was responsible for overseeing over 40,000 units, including opening of the Residences of the Ritz Carlton, Toronto.

As President and CEO, Scott considers himself as the support structure to the team, eliminating any barrier that prevents them from doing the best job they can do. He believes it is a privilege, not a right, to be working with his team members and never takes them for granted. “I am of the belief that you should surround yourself with the right people, clearly outline the goals/initiatives, and then let them do what they do well.” says Newhouse.

When looking to the future of the Office Furniture industry, Newhouse states “there is no doubt, as people come back to offices and office towers in 2021, work environments will look and feel different. I believe there will be a new blend of “work from home” and “work from office”, and offices will have to redesign their workspaces to accommodate this. Egan is excited to be part of this transformation.”

Scott is most excited about the opportunity to grow the brand through different verticals that do not already exist within the framework of the current Egan and believes there is so much more potential for such a strong brand as Egan.

About Egan

Egan Visual Corporation specializes in tools that drive personal engagement in the professional workplace. We design and manufacture our products keeping the way you use them in mind.  Our products fit seamlessly into your space, enhance the way you work, and unlock the potential of your organization.  It’s this approach that has allowed us to be successful in bringing you products that drive innovation since 1967.