Massey Capital Hosts Inaugural Leadership Lab Event

April 28, 2022 News

On April 7th, Massey Capital hosted its inaugural Leadership Lab event for leaders across its portfolio companies.

The Leadership Lab event was held at Lionhead Golf and Country Club. The day was led by Roman Kocur and kicked off with a four-part connections exercise followed by an overview and discussion on the Massey Playbook. The day ended with an inspiring guest speaker, Isaac Selby.

Selby is an adventurer, mountaineer, speaker and coach. In 2021, Selby summited Mount Everest, an accomplishment that required financial sacrifice, mental strength and intense physical preparation. Selby emphasized the importance of teamwork with his Sherpa and how their connection and trust in each other ultimately allowed them to summit the mountain.

The in-person event is a part of a larger workshop program called “Leadership Lab” which consists of bi-monthly Microsoft Teams workshops and quarterly in-person events. Due to COVID restrictions, this was the first time the participants and workshop leaders could meet in person.

The 2022 Leadership Lab class consists of 26 participants ranging from recent university graduates to 25+ year veteran leaders including many of the portfolio companies’ general managers.

“Our 26 leaders bring diverse experiences and a huge desire to grow their leadership skills,” said Roman Kocur, Founder and Managing Partner of Massey Capital. “By bringing a diverse set of leaders together in our Leadership Lab, we’re allowing our seasoned leaders to connect with our future leaders to share ideas, best practices and become mentors/role models for the next generation.”

“I found the in-person leadership event both powerful and productive,” said John Kosziwka, Operations Analyst at Massey Capital. “Not only was I able to meet individuals at the various companies that I would otherwise not interact with frequently, I was able to get a snapshot into each of their stories through the various break-out sessions.”

“It was inspiring to hear about Isaac’s journey to the peak of Mount Everest,” said Connor Parker, Operations Analyst at Massey Capital. “His story demonstrated the hard work, dedication and teamwork required to accomplish your goals.”

After a successful inaugural event, Massey Capital is looking forward to hosting their next Leadership Lab event in July 2022.