Massey Capital Expanded Shared Services Team

Massey Capital Expands Shared Services Team

October 5, 2023 News

Massey Capital is pleased to announce the expansion of its shared services team with the additions of Zahra Al-Wasiti as Marketing Manager and Carol Dowler as Human Resources Business Partner.

A key pillar of Massey Capital’s overall operating model is to provide ongoing support to our portfolio companies in areas that include: growth initiatives, marketing, human resources, finance & accounting, strategic planning, treasury, leadership development, Fx hedging and technology.

“The shared services team at Massey Capital provides us at B.Y. Group with the specialized expertise and resources we need to focus on what we do best,” says Jeff Masselis, General Manager at B.Y. Group, “this enables our team to expedite services and projects to better meet the needs of our customers, and scale up with modern strategies.”

Dowler, our Human Resources Business Partner, brings our team a wealth of experience and strategic insight. Her veteran expertise in aligning HR practices with business goals enhances our ability to support our portfolio companies in establishing great places to work.

Al-Wasiti, our Marketing Manager, spearheads our marketing initiatives across our portfolio companies, helping develop and execute robust marketing strategies. With a focus on market positioning, lead generation, and brand awareness, Al-Wasiti’s veteran leadership will drive organic growth across the portfolio.

At Massey Capital, we now have a shared services team of 13.

Very few companies in the lower-mid market have access to the strength of a shared services team that has best-in-class knowledge and experience. At Massey Capital, the success and growth of our portfolio companies are integral to our strategy. We are excited about the strength that this expansion will add.

About Massey Capital

Massey Capital is a Toronto based firm that invests in lower mid-market companies in Canada, defined as business with annual EBITDA less than $5.0 million. Massey Capital’s vision is to work with management teams to help businesses achieve their full potential. Massey Capital currently has 15 investments in custom manufacturing, distribution and business services companies.