Egan Curve

Egan Visual launches new line of products: Egan Curve

February 11, 2022

Toronto, ON – Egan Visual is pleased to announce that they have expanded their range of visual communication boards, with the exciting launch of the new Egan Curve product line. The launch is inspired by the trending rounded corners seen in modern office space designs today.

“We are seeing a growing trend in office furniture designs moving to a more European look, softer corners and rounded surfaces. Egan Curve was our solution to help interior designers incorporate our markerboards seamlessly into their designs and help meet the demand of this new aesthetic.” said Ahren Cadieux, Director of Marketing at Egan Visual.

Egan Curve Product Line

The new Egan Curve line features three products: Dimension Curve, GlassWrite Curve and Fabric Curve. The three boards feature 4” rounded corners for a softer, smoother design while maintaining the features of each design family. The markerboards and tackboards are sleek, high functioning and professional grade.

Dimension Curve

Dimension Curve applies the soft corners of the Egan Curve line to the Dimension family. The Dimension design family is known for its sleek minimalist look and is characterized by a frameless design wrapped in Egan’s unique proprietary dry-erase surface: EVS. EVS is a professional grade surface that delivers against key components: guaranteed-to-clean even the toughest stains, low gloss and glare making it projection compatible, 160-degree viewing angle, and a smooth, matte finish for a tactilely stimulating writing surface.

GlassWrite Curve

GlassWrite Curve is built from a guaranteed-to-clean, crystal clear, low iron tempered safety glass for high clarity of surface and edges. A frameless ¼” (5mm) thick glass dry erase board, GlassWrite boards are finished with polished edges and are available in color, as neo-magnet compatible, and with high-resolution printing: EganINK. GlassWrite Curve is installed as cleat mounted and can be specified as stand-alone or as GlassWrite LINXX.

Fabric Curve

Fabric Curve features the customer’s choice of fabric, tightly wrapped around the edges of a frame with no folds or creases creating a clean, seamless design. Under the Egan Fabric Program, customers can select from a library of thousands of tackable fabric options.

“We’re excited to launch this new product line and bring the Egan Curve range of products to our customers.” Adam Bortolussi, President at Egan Visual says, “The Egan Curve product line demonstrates Egan’s commitment to collaborate on innovation with the design community and lead the way in the industry”.

About Egan Visual

Egan Visual specializes in tools that drive personal engagement in the professional workplace. At Egan, we design and manufacture all our products using the best quality materials, keeping the way you use them in mind. This means our products fit seamlessly into your space, enhance the way you work, and unlock the potential of your organization. We sweat the details so that ideation can happen naturally. It’s that attention to detail that allows us to create tools that inspire the fluidity and flow required for a higher level of creative thinking. It’s that approach that has allowed us to be successful in bringing you tools that drive innovation since 1967.

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