Egan Visual, a portfolio company of Massey Capital, are helping North American companies get back to work safely

June 3, 2020 News

Egan Visual offers innovative office solutions that can help separate employees in a collaborative and innovative workspace. From Mobiles to Table Screens, Egan offers everything you need to optimize workflow, even as you divide and define your space to protect your people against COVID 19.

Working from home is not for everyone or every organization. That is why many organizations and companies are looking to rebuild and redefine their space.

As we watch the reversal of open-office trends play out, you may be looking for furniture solutions that will allow co-workers to socialize while maintaining suitable separations to help curb the spread of germs and viruses. This could mean the introduction of various types of barriers between desks and spaces that still promote thought, inspiration and collaboration between co-workers. Egan has a number of products to help define spaces in the new work environment moving, here are few.

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Egan TableScreens come in a variety of frame designs, infill options, and mounting configurations. Their screens are available in an array of standard and custom heights, lengths, and colors. Thus, you can create a beautiful and appealing space where collaboration and innovation take precedence, and at the same time protect your people from the Covid-19 virus.

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Looking for a temporary solution to break up space? Egan free-standing Mobiles can be easily rolled between tight spaces to create separation and barriers between desks. Egan offers a wide range of standard and custom mobiles to create functional space division without compromising design or collaboration.

Egan Mobiles have a variety of frame designs and infill options, and they are available in an array of standard and custom heights, lengths, and colors.

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Spark ideas through creative space division using the Egan Standing Rigging. This is a professional-grade, productivity-starting wall canvas designed to bolster employees’ thoughts and ideation; while dividing space.

An architectural-grade installation, Standing Rigging is constructed with Egan Boxcore 29 presentation boards mounted to high tension cables. You can specify Standing Rigging with either EVS, GlassWrite, EcoTack, or tackable fabric infills.

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About Egan Visual

Egan Visual Corporation specializes in tools that drive personal engagement in the professional workplace. We design and manufacture our products keeping the way you use them in mind.  Our products fit seamlessly into your space, enhance the way you work, and unlock the potential of your organization.  It’s this approach that has allowed us to be successful in bringing you products that drive innovation since 1967.