Massey Approach

Culture & Values

At Massey Capital we believe that culture trumps strategy. We believe that consistency in quality and client experience is the foundation for our long term success. We foster cultures that allow each and every employee the opportunity to thrive and grow in a progressive environment.

We stay disciplined to our values:


We set the vision, inspire and motivate those around us. We empower throughout all levels of the organization and let all voices be heard.


Is at the foundation of everything we do. Our reputation – as individuals and as a firm – is
paramount. Our actions are aligned to our words at all times.


We have an open mindset. We are conscientious, self-reflective and courageous.


We build empowered, accountable and collaborative teams that are aligned to a shared vision. We keep ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethics, values & execution.


Is at the heart of how we operate. We take enormous pride in our differences and leverage our individual strengths in order to collectively excel. Our team culture is rooted in trust and transparency.


We prepare and deliver clear, concise and effective verbal and written communication.

What do we do?


With a servant leadership philosophy, we seek to grow and innovate our businesses into industry sector leaders.

Building Industry Sector Leaders

We invest in three core sectors – custom manufacturing, distribution and business services. Particularly, we are focused on established companies that can serve as “platforms” for consolidating their niche sectors. Our growth strategy encompasses; e-commerce, product innovation, geographic expansion, bolt-on acquisitions, margin enhancement, and technology.

Working Together

We partner with management teams to take businesses to the next level. We leverage our team’s deep operational, engineering, marketing, technology, e-commerce, finance and M&A backgrounds to deliver transformative support to our portfolio investments. We believe that the combination of our operational expertise, hands on active involvement and investment experience provides Massey with an edge.

massey approach

Investment Criteria

Our target is a lower mid-market company seeking one of the following:

Looking To Sell

We target businesses with recurring or repeat revenue streams, stable cash flows and attractive growth opportunities. We specialize in distribution, manufacturing and business services companies.

Need a Partner To Grow

Our mission is to work with management teams to help businesses achieve their full potential. We built our reputation on a core set of values, a passion for innovation and a relentless drive to continuously improve.

Target Criteria:

  • Trailing annual EBITDA less than $10.0 million
  • History of consistent profitability
  • Recurring or repeat revenue driven business model
  • Clear differentiator
  • Healthy culture of quality and teamwork
  • Low CAPEX requirements
  • Significant, identifiable opportunities for both organic and bolt-on acquisition growth

Target Geography:

  • Canada

Target Industries:

  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Business Services

Target Transactions:

  • Family Succession
  • Management Buyout (MBO)

Operating Model

1. Deal Structure

Typical deal structures involve either: (A) control equity partnership with a management team who has the drive, open mindset and leadership to take the business to the next level, or (B) 100% acquisition where an entrepreneur seeks an exit.

2. Long-Term View With an Operator’s Mindset

Our team is comprised of former operators who believe that the best results come from effective ground-level execution. Unlike private equity, we have a 20+ year time horizon. We have worked in situations where significant growth happens quickly, as well as in circumstances that have demanded patience.

3. Business Model

Our partnership approach is built on a shared vision of how the company’s value can be maximized together with a leading-edge Massey Capital operating model that has proven to be effective in taking companies to new heights.

4. Sharing The Rewards

We believe that parties should share in the success of our investments, so we provide our operators with equity partnership opportunities.

5. Excellence

We keep ourselves consistently accountable to the highest standards of ethics, values and execution.