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Massey Capital is a Toronto based firm that invests in lower mid-market companies in Canada, defined as businesses with annual EBITDA less than $5.0 million. Our mission is to work with management teams to help businesses achieve their full potential. We currently have investments in custom manufacturing, distribution and business services companies.

We are unique among our Canadian peers because our team:

  • consists of an accomplished group of seasoned operators;
  • has a powerful skillset to design and execute on challenging operational and growth initiatives;
  • has a deep understanding of the acquisition process;
  • only uses our own capital to acquire companies; and
  • has earned stellar testimonials from owners, management teams and trusted advisors.

Massey Capital

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it”


team members

Our Team

Adam Bortolussi

Adam Bortolussi


Roman Kocur

Founder & Managing Partner

Eric Strychaluk

Manufacturing Partner

Zahra Al-Wasiti

Marketing Manager

Anam Chaudhry

Finance Manager

Carol Dowler

HR Business Partner
Andrew Kocur Massey Capital

Andrew Kocur

Senior Associate – Acquisitions
John Kosziwka Massey Capital

John Kosziwka

Operations Analyst
Sandra Kosziwka Massey Capital

Sandra Kosziwka

Director of Finance
Rica Lam Massey Capital

Rica Lam


Sudesh Mehta

Connor Santoni Massey Capital

Connor Santoni

Senior Associate - Operations

Message from Founder & Managing Partner

Managing Partner

In 2016, Massey Capital was launched with a mission to make equity investments in lower mid-market companies, defined as businesses with annual EBITDA less than $5.0 million. We continue to see this as a large, underserved market.

Business owners, seeking a succession planning exit, often struggle to find a buyer that has all of the following 5 essential attributes:

1.the diverse set of leadership and operational capabilities necessary to successfully guide the business after the transaction is closed;

2.the alignment of values and culture that every founder seeks for his/her team;

3.the M&A capabilities to successfully close a transaction in a fair and balanced manner;

4.a track record of 100% vendor takeback (VTB) payouts either on-time or one year early; and

5.a long-term ownership mindset with no requirement or outlook to flip or sell its investments.

It is in all of these areas that Massey Capital has continued to differentiate itself from its competition.

Massey Capital further sets itself apart from its competition by the fact that:

  • we only invest our own capital;
  • we invest for +20 years; and
  • we have built a track record of closing deals within 60 days of signing a Letter of Intent.

Today, we are grateful for the talented team of professionals we have assembled at Massey Capital. Our principles have completed +100 acquisitions and +5 start-ups across North America during their careers and built a reputation from business owners and trusted advisors for their ethics and balanced approach to completing a transaction.

Looking ahead, we continue to meet business owners that have built strong businesses and are now seeking an exit. Our goal is to continue to add great companies to our Massey Capital portfolio that meet our investment criteria.

In closing, we would like to acknowledge the outstanding dedication and hard work of our talented people in each of our portfolio companies. Our collective success and greatness comes from our ability to continue to find ways to improve our culture, strategy and execution – always striving to improve, to grow and to differentiate ourselves from the competition.